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Large slide lock

Organise, connect, carry, and keep your valuables extra ...

Sales price: £4.98

Round ended safety knife

This extremely versatile safety knife is a perfect all ...

Sales price: £11.58

OPINEL Child's Peeler and knife

OPINEL's 'Le petit chef' peeler and Round Ended Safety ...

Sales price: £21.60

WS1 Woodstrapper

The WoodStrapper makes splitting logs a quicker, easier and ...

Sales price: £24.96

4034 Ceramic Axe Stone

Everyday maintenance is easy and comfortable with this ...

Sales price: £29.28

Arkansas-Belgian Blue Whetstone

A classic combination whetstone to sharpen your tools to ...

Sales price: £30.96

Axe File

Repair damaged blades with ease.

Sales price: £32.40

Axe Diamond

A handy tool to maintain your blades.

Sales price: £40.80

Mortice Axe

A specialist axe designed for hewing sills and notches in ...

Sales price: £119.04

487 Froe

One of the best froes! Prices include VAT and UK ...

Sales price: £123.36

Draw Knife

A Drawknife for peeling, shaping and smoothing. Price ...

Sales price: £150.96