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Opinel pruning saw

This handy pocket size super sharp pruning saw is ideal for ...

Sales price: £22.38

Opinel Large Pruning Saw

A longer bladed super sharp pruning saw for even faster ...

Sales price: £34.74

Opinel replacement Blade

A replacement blade for the longer bladed super sharp ...

Sales price: £14.64

439 Splitting Hatchet

Lightweight, but extremely powerful! Ideal for kindling, ...

Sales price: £111.60

Ambidextrous Gauntlets

Extremely tough & reliable protective ambidextrous ...

Sales price: £7.98

Flamers trial pack

Sample pack for you to try. Natural, odourless and long ...

Sales price: £0.49

Flamers (50 pack)

Natural, odourless and long burning and you only need one ...

Sales price: £4.99

WS1 Woodstrapper

The WoodStrapper makes splitting logs a quicker, easier and ...

Sales price: £24.96

Cedar Puck (3 pack)

ZIPPO Camp Fire Starter Cedar Puck (3 pack)

Sales price: £6.45