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A great whetstone at a great price!

Combining the most popular Arkansas stone for maintenance sharpening, with the unique Belgian Blue stone for ultra-fine honing, this excellent piece of kit will leave your edges extra sharp.

See more on the Whetstone product page: Whetstone Arkansas-Belgian Blue Whetstone

This new product will make your wood splitting easier, faster and safer.

Just £17.77+shippingwoodstrapper

We're very proud of these lovely 6ft x 6ft oak gates we made last week, and installed in the village. Oak Gates Oak Gates - frame

Important product news from Gransfors:

‘We have now made design changes on some products. The steel wedge on the top of the handle will be removed. The steel wedge works as an extra support for the wooden wedge that is used to fix the axe head to the handle. The reliability in process when attaching the handles has been improved, which means that the steel wedge is not necessary. Based on trials and experience we have now decided to remove the steel wedge on the products listed below. Since we continuously strive for not using more materials and components than necessary, without compromising on functionality, we have therefore decided to stop using steel wedge on:
413-Hand (Kubben) Hatchet
415-Wildlife Hatchet
473-R, RH, RV-Small Carving Hatchet (all variants)
474-R, RH, RV-Large Carving Hatchet (all variants)
475, -R, -RH, -RV-Large Carving Axe (all variants)
Naturally there will be a mixture of axes with and without steel wedge during the transition.

We are helped by getting swift feed-back if you discover that the performance of the axe is degraded.

Real and tough use of the product is what matters in the end.’

Oak Frame for carport

An interesting, non-square roof frame for a car port.

Welcome to our new website! We hope that it will prove a good experience for all visitors. If anything doesn't work, or you don't understand something, please contact me. Thank you for visiting Greenwood Direct. Tim Walton This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. Tel: 01249782100 Mobile: 07837393147

Greenwood Direct celebrates 10 years!

Greenwood Direct came into being in 2004. We're very proud to have achieved our 10th anniversary.
Since then, we've built many oak frames, including this one, our first, which was an office for Alistair Sawday Publishers, and sold thousands of axes. We've helped restore historic builings, and enhanced public and private environments alike with our beautiful pergolas and other oak strcutures.
We've faced many challenges over the decade, from planning complexities to the dreaded financial crash, but we believe we've emerged stronger than ever.
We're very much looking forward to the years ahead.

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