Broad Axe Ref: 4801, 4802, 4803, 4813, 4821, 4823

Broad Axes are designed for squaring logs and planks, traditionally when building a log house, used for making joints and timber and plank hewing. They vary greatly depending on the shape of the head and edge and the angle of the handle.

  • Cutting edge 7” / 175mm
  • Head weight 3.5lb / 1.61kg
  • Handle length  19.5” / 500mm


4801 Straight handle double bevel - the axe blade is centred in relation to the head and eye and ground on both sides of the edge (knife grind).


The axe is also available ground only on one side (scissor grind available as left or right bevel) the side of the head that does not have a ground bevel face is flat The flat side of the axe is more ‘aggressive’ and is used when the log has to be really smooth, for example when planing structural timbers. The other side is used when the log is to have a slight wave pattern and thus does not need to be as smooth.

4802 Straight handle left bevel

4803 straight handle right bevel


A version is available, where the axe blade is slightly angled in relation to the head, allowing the axe to glide along the log, without its eye catching on the log. This also in effect means the axe has an angled handle so the handle and your hands remain at a distance from the timber, thereby minimising the risk of personal injury.

4813 left angled left bevel

4821 right angled double bevel

4823 right angled right bevel